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Competitive Dance at The Beat

Why do we participate in dance competitions?
We work together, as a team, to create and present choreography. We have pride in our hard work and dedication to dance. We watch and learn from dancers and studios from across the region, state, and country. We receive feedback that helps us improve from dance professionals from across the country. We compete to learn and grow as dancers. Competition is not just about winning a trophy for students at The Beat.

Is competitive dance right for my child?
Dancers who would like to receive more from their dance training should consider competing with us at The Beat. We offer a variety of commitment options, but all of our Competition Company dancers are serious about learning as much as possible about dance. If your child has a natural talent for dance, loves to be on stage, and would like to gain more experience as a performer, then you should consider auditioning at The Beat.

What The Beat has to offer...
We have a dedicated staff of choreographers and teachers who care enough to push and challenge your child while encouraging him/her to reach her full potential. In addition to the obvious growth in performance quality and technical ability, your child will develop confidence that will shine not only on stage but in everyday life as well. We have a strong sense of team at the studio and we welcome new dancers who are willing to work hard. Based on casting as determined by the BDC staff, and the commitment level determined by you, dancers will participate in anywhere from 1-5 

competitions throughout the year, as well as numerous optional workshops and conventions.

Our Season 16 Competition Company

Auditions for the Season 16 Company were held in May, 2023, and our Company dancers are already in class preparing for next season!  Dancers will be evaluated throughout the summer session and placed in technique classes/repertory groups for the fall. In addition to our 4-week summer technique class schedule, we will also offer a variety of dance & tumbling workshop classes & boot camp options throughout June. Current Company families can access our members only page here using the password we provided via Facebook group/email. 

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